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European ICT Market Research and Consulting

Your Challenge

Customers are your most valuable asset. There is only one way to ensure that your customer value proposition appeals to them and differentiates you from your competition, and that is by fully understanding their needs.

Understanding the needs of current and potential customers plus adequate reaction on changing demand enables you to

  • review existing markets to sell more of your current product to existing customers

  • find new products to offer to existing customers

  • sell existing products to new customers and markets

  • launch new products into new markets

Highlighting your Opportunities

Reliable ICT market research separates truth from opinion, reality from assumption, and facts from hearsay. In so doing, research sharpens your focus, expedites programmes, optimises resources, and enables more effective short-term actions and long-range planning.

At cbc market intelligence, we specialize in providing European ICT research and in delivering insight and consultancy that drives change and actionable plans for you and your sales channels.

Our clients are executives and professionals in international hardware manufacturers, software houses, IT service providers and telecom operators. We use forward-looking data and analysis from foundation up to top to help our clients better understand technology trends, market dynamics and their customer sets.


cbc market intelligence
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You are outside of Germany and an acknowledged provider of research and consultancy  to your local or international IT companies and/or Telecom Operators and might be interested in

  • comparing your results with our findings,
  • completing your offerings with value add,
  • integrating our research into your services,
  • selling our data under your brand and logo or
  • becoming a channel partner for our databases.

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